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Screwdriver and Dilatator Sizes

81.34.0037: 7 mm, screwdriver
81.34.0038: 8/9 mm, screwdriver
81.34.0036: 8/9 mm, cannulated screwdriver
81.34.0040: Dilatator, 4 mm


Screwdriver Design

A special drive has been developed to insert the screw securely (patented proprietary design).

  • The drive is designed considering the mechanical properties of the screw material.
  • The highest possible torque is transferred along the whole length of the screw.
  • It provides ideal force transmission, keeping centrifugal and torsion forces to the minimum.
  • The tight contact between the screw and screwdriver extends over the entire implant length.
  • The optimized tolerance leads to good adhesion of the screw to the screwdriver, even in the suspended position.