sysorb screw sysorb Bioresorbable
Interference Screw

Interference Screw

The clinically proven sysorb interference screw enables secure juxtaarticular fixation of the graft regardless of the selected technique of cruciate ligament surgery.

Screw Sizes

B16-401: diam. 7 mm, Length 23 mm
B16-402: diam. 8 mm, Length 23 mm
B16-403: diam. 9 mm, Length 30 mm


Screw design

The sysorb screw has been developed considering the specific properties of the material used and the surrounding bone tissue.

  • During insertion of the screw into the bone tunnel, the turbine-like drive ensures ideal force transmission over the entire length of the screw and optimal engagement.
  • The ideal force transmission avoids screw breakages.
  • The screw design allows for screw insertion without additional drilling or tapping.
  • The blunt, atraumatic thread prevents injury to the graft.
  • Simple and intuitive handling


The sysorb screw is made of amorphous polymer Poly(D,L)-Lactide:

  • Amorphous polymer Poly(D,L)-Lactide is resorbed better than a crystalline polymer.
  • The Poly(D,L)-Lactide is decomposed to the body’s own composites by hydrolysis and also by phagocytosis.
  • sysorb material shows excellent tissue biocompatibility.
  • The sysorb screw degrades within one and a half years.

Additional Benefits

  • Clinically documented in >40 literature publications.
  • Implant-related complication rate below 0.03%.
  • Only three sizes: less article numbers for the hospital. Easier to manage.